NUROMOL®: The Alternative to Codeine You’ve Been Waiting For

Up to 8 hours of relief from strong pain in a single tablet1

In February 2018, over-the-counter codeine-containing analgesics will be up-scheduled to Prescription Only (S4) due to issues including abuse and dependence.2

Nuromol® – a combination of paracetamol and ibuprofen in a single tablet – is a codeine-free alternative for strong pain, available now in pharmacies across Australia.1

In fact, Nuromol® is a paracetamol/ibuprofen combination with proven efficacy vs codeine-containing analgesics, and a more favourable tolerability profile.1

In a clinical trial of moderate-to-severe acute pain, one tablet of Nuromol® containing 500mg of paracetamol and 200mg of ibuprofen provided significantly more effective pain relief than both paracetamol/codeine 1000/30mg (p=0.0001) and placebo (p<0.0001; see figure).1

Adapted from Daniels SE et al. 2011.1 SPRID 0–12=sum of mean scores of pain relief combined with pain intensity differences over 12 hours. *One Nuromol tablet, p=0.0001 vs paracetamol/codeine arm and p<0.0001 vs placebo arm. †Two paracetamol/codeine tablets, p<0.0001 vs placebo arm only.

Nuromol® was also longer lasting than paracetamol/codeine 1000/30mg, as measured by time to first administration of rescue medication. While paracetamol/codeine provided approximately 6 hours of pain relief, Nuromol® provided 8 hours of pain relief.1

Nuromol® was also associated with a more favourable safety profile than paracetamol/codeine 1000/30mg, with a significantly lower incidence of treatment-emergent adverse events (24.9% vs 39.8%). The most common adverse events observed in the trial were nausea, vomiting, headache and dizziness.1


When you used to recommend paracetamol/codeine (1000/30mg), consider switching to Nuromol® – indicated for acute (short term) pain and/or inflammation, and successfully studied in moderate-to-severe acute pain1


Nuromol® contains paracetamol 500mg and ibuprofen 200mg. For the relief of acute pain and/or inflammation.
References: 1. Daniels SE et al. Pain 2011;152:632–42. 2. Department of Health Therapeutic Goods Administration. Final decisions and reasons for decisions by delegates of the Secretary to the Department of Health. Available at: Accessed May 2017.
®NUROMOL is a registered trademark of Reckitt Benckiser (Australia) Pty Ltd. Level 47, 680 George St, Sydney 2000, NSW Australia. Prepared July 2017. NUR0332f.