Home Medication Reviews

Mt Coolum Pharmacy offers the convenience of medication reviews in your own home.

Managing multiple medications is no easy task. Do you know your medicines? Do you know what drugs interact with other drugs? If medications aren’t used properly, the results can be serious.

A Home Medication Review is patient focussed, and is undertaken in the comfort of your own home at a time that is convenient for both you and the pharmacist.

The review is targeted to ensuring all customers and patients receiving medication:

are fully aware of the medicinal functions of each drug being taken….
are aware of any potential side effects that they might be currently having
receive professional advice to avoid such side effects.
are aware of possible side effects of taking combinations of medicines that could potentially have serious consequences.

Whats Involved?

A Home Medication Review (HMR) involves your GP and community Pharmacist. Your GP requests a review by writing a referral to the Pharmacist. The Pharmacist conducts an interview / review and provides a written report to the GP. It is a very straight forward process. It also promotes a better understanding of how individual medicines work and what to expect.

If you think you would like a Home Medication Review, discuss and request this with your GP. Once they have written and passed the referral onto the Pharmacy Team, a Pharmacist will call to schedule an appointment…… It’s that easy.