We are a small local pharmacy which aims to provide value for money and exceptional customer service.

Our ongoing customer relationships reflect our commitment to providing a highly responsive, complete and dedicated pahrmacy service. This is backed by celebrating over 15 years under the same ownership.

At ITK Connect Pharmacy, you’ll receive that friendly welcome and service that you deserve. Our fully trained staff are available to discuss any aspect of your healthcare and medicine needs and will assist in making sure you receive all the pharmaceutical benefits that you may be entitled to.

We are nationally accredited by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s ‘Quality Care Pharmacy Program’.

Whether you need advice for yourself, your family, on a prescribed medication, help to quit smoking, or in fact any health issue, why go anywhere else?

Choosing the right Pharmacy

Choosing your pharmacist is as important as choosing your Doctor. Your Pharmacist is an important part of your health care team. The Team at Mt Coolum Pharmacy focus on providing guidance, direction and support for all your elderly diseases and medical issues, ensuring privacy and confidentiality in dealing with customers prescription and healthcare needs.

For decades now, people have been taking many medications, however they often do not know WHY they are taking them!

In the ideal world, patients like yourself could spend half an hour chatting to their doctor or pharmacist about their medication concerns, however, this JUST DOES NOT HAPPEN.

Before we start, I need to ask yourself a few questions:

Have you ever been scratching your head asking yourself why you need to take all those little tablets?
Do you take four or more tablets a day?
Are you often concerned about your medications but feel like you can’t REALLY talk to anybody about it?
I’m guessing you’ve answered “yes” to at leaset one of these questions.


Well, if that’s the case you may have found THE website that can help you AT LAST!

No need to feel rushed, no need to feel embarassed. Just professional answers to your medication questions.

Here, at ITK Connect you can feel free to ask anything that is concerning you and an experienced pharmacist can provide you with advice.

But don’t just take my word for it – here’s what one of our happy customers had to say about us:

“Dear ITK Connect, Thanks for your help when I was really confused. I have a better understanding of all my of medications, and get much more from my doctor visits now too!”

So have a look around and read other people’s questions, join the forum or post your own question!